shilpaDeeply Impressed! Frankly, after watching The Flip Side Documentary, the very first thought that hit my mind was, “when the mainstream media has shifted its job from reporting to entertainment: obviously the onus is now on the filmmakers to report the facts!”

Ironic, but that’s a bitter reality these days and I must say that the UK Pictures have justified their responsibility to report the reality that even the media could not do! Fantastic Job.

 I congratulate Mr. Utpal Kalal, Mr. Kaustubh and their entire team for creating such an impressive documentary.

In the first place, picking up this hot controversial topic for making a documentary was itself a courageous step and then the director’s vision and competence towards it is well marked through the excellent script, professional cinematography, catchy narration and the lovely music.

Being a Psychologist, I am well aware that how lasting are the impressions of any kind of audio-visuals in the subconscious minds of the viewers. I am sure, This documentary will challenge the opinions Asharam Bapu in the minds of the common folks and would call for a strong re-check on the facts.

Splendid job UK Pictures, well done!

- Shilpa Agrawal , Psychologist & Graphologist