Sahira official


Studio Frozen Apple and UK Pictures Entertainment take a great pride to introduce a short music film SAHIRA, set in the beauty and bushes of the Lake City- Udaipur. It's a romantic tale of a passionate young couple on the verge of life and love. The film has been conceived and directed by Utpal Kalal, produced by Sahil Thakur & shot by the Director of Photography Kaustubh Manchekar. The film’s 7 minute story portrays dedication of the couple deeply in love comprised of melodious gesture.

"A music film in specific, is a way of combining music with a narrative story and strong visuals, so that it can appeal to a brand new kind of audience", said Utpal Kalal.

The film is starring the fresh faces of Mayur Pariyani and Faiza Khan in lead roles. Music and lyrics have been composed by Sahil Thakur and the song sung by Shashank Singh.