Toronto, April 19, 2016:  Fist of God Productions proudly introduces Ilan Rosenberg’s THE WARRIORS MACCABEE: FIGHT FOR THE HOLY LAND.  Rosenberg, an award winning film maker and celebrated stunt/ fight coordinator adapts his novel THE WARRIORS MACCABEE for the screen in this short film.

The film recounts the tale of a great Jewish hero and his six children, the Maccabees, rising up and fighting for their people against a thousand strong army.  Ripped from the Torah, the original parable never outlines how the heroes defeated the army.  In this version of the tale, it’s simple.  God gave them super powers.

“It’s a way of combining this historical epic with today’s modern superhero mythology, so that it can really appeal to a brand new kind of audience” said Director of Photography Mike Cameron.

The film stars Ilan Rosenberg, Vincent Bellon, Ken Barton, Jason Bell, Mike Piticco, Ilora Rosenberg, Ian Rosenberg, and Joanna Haughton.  THE WARRIORS MACCABEE: FIGHT FOR THE HOLY LAND is produced by Konrad Robinski and shot by Director of Photography Mike Cameron.

In addition to appearing in films such as 300, ROBOCOP and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Ilan Rosenberg is also world renowned as the highest level instructor in the Israeli martial art of Commando Krav Maga.  Working with some of Canada’s top fighters and stunt performers, he has created what star Ilora Rosenberg calls “The biggest short film you will ever see”.

The filmmakers are currently fundraising on Kickstarter for finishing funds to complete the VFX for the picture and have passed over 15,000$ in one week alone. Their campaign can be found at

twitter: @maccabeeffthl

instagram: @warriorsmaccabee



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