Celebrating First Anniversary today, thanks to all of you

Guys, it's our big day today, for on this same day just a year back in 2015, our debut project was released. It was a music film titled ''RESOLUTE'' from a talented band 'Frunze Streets',  and we take it as our pride to share with you all that it garnered a huge appreciation all around the world, and gave us motivation to keep moving on further. We believe that the films are not just a piece of entertainment, but they can summon such profound questions that they change the way you perceive life as you once knew it .

Taking our next leap, in November 2015, we released our next project, a documentary film 'The Flip Side', based upon an Indian religious leader - Saint Asaram Bapu. Another proud experience came our way when we witnessed that the film evoked a national conversation about the whole fabricated case, media trial, and stimulated numerous questions against the biased treatment of Indian media towards the case.

On this first year of our committed journey, we’re incredibly grateful to all our friends, fans and well-wishers for a tremendous amount of love and support they have showered upon us over the entire year. Do keep us supporting, so that we keep bringing up much more good stuff for you all that matter in our life. Lots of love from the entire team of UK Pictures.

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