The Flip Side: Jaw-dropping story of Saint Asaram Bapu

An Indian documentary film, "The Flip Side: A Truth That Could Not Reach You", was released on November 11, 2015 on the official YouTube channel of the UK Pictures Entertainment.

The documentary spotlights the unseen facts about an Indian religious leader- Saint Asaram Bapu, who is currently lodged in Central Jail, Jodhpur under the charges of allegedly molesting a minor girl. The case till date passes through a trial in the court and the saint is exercising his legal recourse.

The film illustrates alternative views of events since allegations against the religious leader and his Hermitage surfaced. Filmmaker Utpal Kalal and cinematographer Kaustubh Manchekar traveled to Sant Asaram Bapu's Hermitage in Motera, Ahmedabad; looking to observe the reality and investigate the disciples living there. The duo spent twenty days in the Hermitage, interacting with each of the inhabitants and closely observing each and every activity there.

"We have asked several unrestrained and hard-hitting questions based on whatever allegations have been put up, watched many hours of footage archives and tried to research all the related aspects without any prejudice", says Utpal, the director of the film.

The documentary shows the statements of Indian politician- Dr Subramanian Swamy and Advocate Ram Jethmalani-the senior lawyer and politician talking about the legal aspects of the case. The film also impressively depicts the life of the people residing in a spiritual commune and provides a report of activities being carried out.

The release of the documentary pulls out remarkable response by the people, the majority of whom are calling it as an ‘eye-opener’. The documentary marks a notable presence in India, which is being reflected in Social Media through tweets, comments and the news posts.

“A good documentary on Asaram Bapu, by a supporter with tapasya + competence + Courage. Public must know both sides.” –Tweeted, the eminent Indian-American researcher, author, speaker- Rajiv Malhotra.

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